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"I ask for your prayers and support as we continue on this journey of progress. I have proven to be a strong and focused leader. I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done. I ask that you elect me, Patrick "Pat" Lewis, as your District 44 State Representative." (PROVEN LEADERSHIP)
  • 2019 City-Parish Vice Chair

  • 2020 First Chairman of the newly-formed Lafayette Council

  • Served on many committees and governing boards.

  • Presented numerous proclamation. 

  • Hosted many Town Hall Meetings.

  • Gym equipment donated to Northside High School

  • Music instruments donated by Dopsie to Clifton Chenier Library.

  • Mouton’s Bed and Breakfast 

  • Rock n Bowl de Lafayette

  • Instrumental in starting the program for adjudicated properties and junk vehicles. 

  • Secured funding for new audio at Clifton Chenier Center.

  • Instrumental in bringing affordable housing to District 1-Brook Point Apartments, Bottle Art Lofts Apartments, 

  • North St. Antoine Ext. to Pont Des Mouton Rd - (Scheduled Oct., 2023)

  • Willow St. Widening from University to Bud St.

  • Round About @ N. University and Renaud Dr. 

  • University @ Stone Ave. right turn lane 

  • N. University initiative - Sidewalks from Cameron St. to I-10, on both sides. (Construction started June, 2023)

  • Enclosure/heated Martin Luther King swimming pool for year round use. (Scheduled Fall 2023)



  • Walker/Hebert Road Drainage

  • Acorn Drive Drainage

  • Nottingham Circle Drainage

  • Wilderness Trail Drainage

  • Hellen Street Drainage

  • Dulles Drive Drainage

  • New Deballion Park Pavillion

  • New MLK Fire Station 

  • Resurfaced/Overlay Roads - North & South Washington St., Patterson St., Gilman Rd., North Norton St., Paul Breaux Ave., Hilda St., Carver St., Thornton St., Helen St., Marie St., North Pierce St., Madeline St., West Butcher Switch Rd., Louis Arceneaux Rd., Walker Rd.,  Martin Luther King Dr.

  • Installed several traffic calming/speed lumps.

  • Installed several Neighborhood security cameras.

  • New Lafayette Parish Early Voting Site opened at Martin Luther King Center.

  • Demolition of several blighted properties.

  • Railroad crossing repaired on Simcoe Street.

  • J-turn on University Ave.

  • Vermilion Lofts 1 & 2

  • Bottle Art Lofts Apartments 



Crime is a serious matter to me.  10 years ago my home was broken into while my wife and I were asleep. I know how it feels to be the victim of a crime.


I have and will continue to work with the administration, law enforcement and the community to make our District a safer place to live, work, and for our children to play.


There is still so much we can accomplish together to continue progress in our community. The fight goes on and I will lead the effort to continue the important work of developing our community.


I will work with the administration, developers, property owners and the community to find solutions to the issues we face for District 44. I know that we can continue to change the landscape of our community for a better tomorrow.

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